Wednesday, March 23, 2005

hi hello namaskar vanakkam bonjour

It's been a long long time since I have been dreaming/planning to create a blog at blogger. And finally its Dream Come True..... And I am quite sure that, this blog would not end with just this helloWorld{} post.. I still believe in the WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE funda!!

Anyway I'm not that new to this blogging mania.. I have a technical blog at

Well, Who am I??

Iam ______ Maniac (pronounce dash-maniac) from Chennai, India. Thats my blog personality.

My real-world personality (Still confused as to which is real and which is Virtual) is known by the name Bharath Ganesh. My prime activity for the past 20 short years has been just one: TO DISCOVER MYSELF. And that's not yet completed. Hope this blog would contribute something towards that.

OK. Now lets have some formal intro.

The Past

On the 13th of July, 1984 a cute little boy was born at Sri Krishna Nursing home, Cochin, Kerala. That was Friday the Thirteenth.......
He was later named Bharath after the character in the ancient Hindu Epic Ramayana..

He belongs to Kerala (Trivandrum). Tamil is his mother tongue. His father works as a bank executive. So he (bharath) got a chance to see lot of places, as relocation is a common trend among most Indian pubic sector bank employees.

Age 0 to 1:
Stayed in Hubli, Karnataka. Of course it would be a criminal offense if I say something like "I love this place. I still remember the garden where we used to go for a walk every evening...."

Age 1-10: Aurangabad, Maharshtra. The kingdom of the Marathwada region in Maharshtra. This is the city where the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves exists... Did my primary schooling here.

Age 10-15: Pune, Maharashtra. The Best City... Educational Capital of India.. Pensionars Paradise... No words to describe this sweet beautiful city.. Go and see it yourself..

Age 15 - Present (Age 20): Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Hot, Hot, Hot city (most of hotness due to the weather...). OK I'll talk abt this Chennai some time later.

I speak 7 languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada and Sanskrit. No foreign languages.

My entire schooling was at the great Kendriya Vidyalaya's (Central School). World’s largest group of schools (also THE BEST SCHOOLS), with over 940 schools and 730,000 students, and spread across various countries, governed by the Ministry of HRD, Goverment of India.

I did my schooling in three KV's. KV Aurangabad Cantonment, KV College Of Military Engineering (CME)-Pune, and KV Ashok Nagar-Chennai.

After that I went for an Engineering Course in Computer Science and Engineering at Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai. This college comes under
Anna University, Chennai. (Also the World’s largest technological University with 220+ colleges affiliated to it).

Rest of it is present.

SO, I’m Bharath Ganesh and currently I'm *studying* for B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering at Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai. It’s one of those JPR institutions. I’m now in my final semester of the course and shall finish it in a couple of months. After I finish my course I will go for work.

On Friday, the 24th of September 2004, I saw another major breakthrough.

That was the day I got my first job as a Software Engineer at Hexaware Technologies- A Software Services Company working on banking, insurance, airlines and Enterprise applications domains.

About my interests.. I’m a great News Paper buff. I’m a great fan of
The Hindu in spite of its recent problems. Frontline, also from the same group is my favorite magazine. I am also a selective movie buff.

Though I’m not a voracious reader I still manage to catch up with books occasionally. The most recent one being “Freedom at Midnight”.
I watch something of everything on the TV in spite of the CAS and set-top-box drama here in Chennai.
I read a lot of blogs also. I believe a lot in the theory that blogs are the most open, easiest and best way to express oneself and sell oneself.
It’s great tool for self-discovery.

I’m not a party animal but I can easily go for a slow, soft, descent drinks party. I’m a smoker and also drink occasionally.

I am not a tough sportsperson though I have had short formal coaching on many of them- Swimming, Cricket, basketball, Gymnastics, Karate, and the list goes on.

I enjoy cycling though I don’t do much these days as I sold off my old MTB cycle quite recently. I love my bike. I love to go *alone* on my bike. That reminds me of another important thing.

I’m still single.

Just like any other boy of my age I'm also passionate about girls.

I’m also passionate about technology. And attached to .NET User Groups, Student Clubs, Developer Communities etc.

Currently I’m also a Microsoft Student Partner, working as a Student Champ/ Consultant for
Microsoft India. The role is all about being a Microsoft Technology Consultant/Technical advisor for college students.

Of my recent assignments, the one worth mentioning is me being selected to represent India on the Student Advisory Board (SAB) of theSpoke V.2 project.
theSpoke is Microsoft's global online community for students interested in technology.

Err… This is getting too long. I should stop it here. You (We) will get to know a lot in my forthcoming blog posts.

Till then it’s TATA BYE BYE from ____ Maniac a.k.a. bharath.

____ Maniac. What’s the DASH over there for?? You and Me are here to discover that.

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Derek Detweiler said...

Ha ha, I love the ______.

eM said...

Hi, thanks for linking to me! You'll find personal blogs are most addictive--I am a total fan :)

Anonymous said...

hi bharath, nice to know about you.
i am pratosh from delhi. i am also a to be hexawarian, doing B.Tech in CSE.
also joined the Hexaware2005 group which was started by you and ow sadly u r leaving. neways...nice to read bout you.

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