Monday, March 28, 2005

I earned 350/- bucks !!!

Today I earned my first wage. This is the first time Iam getting some solid cash as a wage for some work. (not a GIFT!!). This is a sentimental moment for me.

I got it as a salary for my days job as freelance co-ordinator at MeritTrac. It is a Competence Assessment Company for companies like Microsoft, GE Capital, Wipro, Oracle, Satyam, IBM, ICICI OneSource, Accenture, SAP, Adobe, Digital, Titan, SP Jain Institute of Management, etc.

Today I was put up on the crowd management and test co-ordination section for 3 batches of aptitude test for CTS (Cognizant). It was at St. Michaels Academy, Adyar.

I had work from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and my salary for the day was Rs 350/-. Apart from this BIG money (for me its big), we got lunch from Dhaba Express.

Great day..Hard-Earned Money.. I'll never forget this day... A day of great significance in my life...

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Anonymous said...

good. carry on.

Vinod said...

Hey, St.Michael's!!!! My school!!!

viji said...

hey..wishing u good luck for a wonderful career... panam sambadichu nalla content-happy life irukka vazthukkal :)