Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Down the Memory Lane..

This entire week has been great for me. Lot of nostalgic thoughts..

First, I talked to Pavithra. She was my close friend during 11th and 12th. She was my coaching-class mate, from PSBB-KK Nagar. Two days back I somehow managed to get her phone number and gave a surprise call to her. It was a great feeling. Talking to a friend after 4 years. We plan to meet sometime this week. And Pavithra is going to become Dr. Pavithra.

Next, I saw Veena, a very old friend of mine. School Friend. She had dropped-in home. This girl is amazing. She's very different. She is one great bubbly-kinda person. She is open to the core. An extrovert. Hyperactive girl.Moreover she is the favorite girl and best friend of my close friend - Girish. She is now doing her CS Engineering at Mysore.

I was very happy to see her here because Girish is having a very bad time these days. He is one say-on-face guy. He din' like the girls in his college. He always asks me "Do we need girlfriends?" He was always worried because he did not have a single girl friend at college. Especially after being the Romeo of many-many girls at school.

At school, at any instant, Girish was surrounded by a bunch of girls. Veena came in and spent two days with Girish. He took her for shopping, took her to ECR, and was there with her till the Mysore Express left.... I have never seen such a happy Girish. Thanks Veena.

School Memories back... those sweet days..

Those were the days when we used to go to every chat shop and bakery in and around Ashok Nagar, KK Nagar, and West Mambalam.
Those early morning Physics Class (Sundareshan's) were awesome. Believe me, the best figures/females of Chennai come here. PSBB girls and DAV (CBSE) Girls were awesome.
Even last week, Ragho and I were trying to recollect the names(also other stats) of those hot PSBB women(hotter costumes) at Sundi class...

IIT coaching class at Habibullah Road was highly boring and intolerable because:
1. Everything went over the head.
2. No female there.

So I left it after 11th.

Then it was the evening class. Maths class on Brindavan Street (Prof. Ramakrishnan).
The class gets over by 7. I, Siddarth and Pavithra used to stand outside the class and talk till 9.. Siddarth and I explored every nuke and corner of Ashok Nagar, T-Nagar and Mambalam. (Even I was new to Chennai during that time).
On an average we used to cycle some 15 kilometres every day.Now I have lost contact with Siddarth. He is somewhere in UP. Bittu, contact me if you are reading this.

Another famous hangout during school was the chat shop on Arya Gowda Road..Viji Chat.. is the same even now. The same taste. The same price.

We used to bunk school very often.
While in 11th standard, we had a project at KV OCF Avadi. We were doing a project using optical fibres. For that we bunked one whole month. Daily we used to go to the Physics department at IIT Madras. Great days..
Then the visits to the Neuro Scinces department of the Goverment Medical College opposite Central for doing a project on Psychic Energy..

Then the culturals. Our school never used to organize culturals. But my batch guys were able to convince the principal and we organised "SAMARPAN"- Inter School Cultural festival to generate funds for Kargil War Rehabilitation. Two full months gone - collecting funds, giving invites in person, purchasing stuff...

And the endless list of movies watched bunking the school- 1-2 ka 4, Thenali, Mudalvan, Padayappa, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas hai, Mohabbatein, Dhai Akshar Prem Ke,.. and many more

School was fun. More than College..

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Anonymous said...

hi Mr. Bharath... i pity your friends... avanga manam kaata le parakavitutiye.. ille adoda mossam... their fate i suppose... blogspot is supposed to be for better purposes.. guess every coin has 2 sides to it.. and unfortunately u r presenting the other side of it.. and i wish there was someone to tell u what it means to bring out the private lives of friends (esp.girls) into public..

Anonymous said...

Yenda dei address illatha anonymous baadu,

//manam kaata le parakavitutiye.. ille adoda mossam

Yen machan looseaa da nee? Ariva illai?

//uess every coin has 2 sides to it.. and unfortunately u r presenting the other side of it.

Dei machan, think b4 u type anything. Thanni pottarakaya enna?? lkb.

//and i wish there was someone to tell u what it means to bring out the private lives of friends (esp.girls) into public..

Ha ha ha ha, Where the hell is private life brought into Public??
Are u mad?

Understood? U addressless anonymous idiot.

Anonymous said...

mr.anon , blogspot is one's private space...if u dont like it...keep away from it...course u can comment abt a post...but not abt the author and other personal attacks...

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