Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Art of Commenting

The Art of Commenting
Mike Clark wrote an
interesting piece on comments, and Cedric Otaku had some nice comments and additions on that article. The two articles are a must read for any programmer.
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blogging From Pramati

Hah.. In 2 more hours I would be formally completing my 2 week tenure as a Software Professional in a software product company. My Software Development Lifecycle is now 2 weeks long(short).

I got my Pramati job through my tech-blog. Thanks to Blogosphere.. As I work for the Server Team at Pramati, I guess I would be technically into the core-work, when we start off with the development of Pramati Server v. 5.0. Now, my work is to LEARN JAVA. My mentor here is Rajiv, Director of our Product Engineering Group. Last three days we had a Induction Programme for new joinees. They were 3 half day sessions on Corporate Intro, Pramati Culture, Professional Ethics, Best Practices in Software Development, etc etc..
And the best part of it was todays lunch. We all went to Kabura and I LUCNHED WITH ME CEO Jay.

Where else can a fresher who has just joined the company 15 days back have a great lunch sitting next to the CEO? Jay was talking about how he started the company, the difficulties faced, family pressures when a guy from a brahmin family says "Iam resigning my salaried job. I am starting a business" !!
Initially I was feeling a bit nervous sitting next to him but then slowly when he stated talking to me I got a feeling of sitting with a close pal....
I was telling him about Prof Sadagopan's article about Pramati which I had read before joining this company. In fact that article was one of the Primary force that inspired me to join Pramati. Find it at IIT-B's site. Here's an excerpt from it.

"... It is NOT a place, if you are merely looking for free trips to Uncle Sam Country, play tennis in office hours or a fancy building that is a great background for you to pose for a photograph that is to be sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend!.. "
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import blogger.resume.*

Long Long ago, once upon a time in India, in Chennai, there used to be a guy called who used to blog. That was some 45 days back...
He a.k.a DashManiac was an Engineering Student living in Chennai... Now his life has changed... He no longer is a college student.. He no longer lives in Singara Chennai. He no longer hangs out in KK Nagar, Ashok Nagar, CIT Nagar, Spencers, West Mambalam, T-Nagar, or Kodambakkam...
He misses all those. He misses those tension-less, free days..especially since the last of college was awesome..For majority of Engineering guys their 4th year is pakka fun, especially if you already got placed thro' capus recruitment at the begining of final year..

Fine. Lets get back the present..

I now work. I work for a company called Pramati Technologies. I guess those of you who are in the tech-line would certainly know about my company. Pramati is a 100% Indian, Product company making JAVA based Application Servers and J2EE Studio. Our flagship product is Pramati Server and we also have Pramati Studio which is a J2EE IDE. Iam part of the Product Engineering Group(Server Team) which works out of Hyderabad. More to come on Pramati...
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