Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Ideal Weekend

Dream Weekend Come True...
Well, this weekend was a great one. The one I had been dreaming of since many many days.
This was my schedule.

7.30 PM: Left Office
9 PM: Got Half Mc Dowells Whiskey and had a great drink with Chaitanya. Believe me, this MC was really good. It was a very descent drink. I had 3 pegs and the kick was really royal..
1.30 AM: Off to Sleep

6.30 AM: Got UP!!! (After a drink last night)
7.30 AM: Went to have breakfast at Iyer's Tiffin Center in Ammerpet (DK Road). Had 4 Idlies and 1 plate Pongal. Haaaa.. That was probaby the best food I had in my 2 months stay at Hyderabad. In these 2 months, I was really screwed up with the food here. Idlies just look like Idly from a distance. If you eat it, you will just HATE it. Esp If you are from Tamil Nadu. I dont know why these ppl's Idly tastes so bad.
All these guy's should be packed in a lorry, taken to Saravana Bhavan and offered Idly, Sambar, Thenga chutney, Kothmalli chutney, and Thakali chutney. I had the best food in last 2 months.I was really happy after this breakfast. That hotel is run be a Iyer Mama from Kozhikode and its open only from 6 am to 11 am.
8 AM: Reached home back. Slept.
2 PM: Got up. Went to Lunch.
2.30 PM: Came back. Slept.
5.30 PM: Got Up. Went out for Tea. Had Irani Tea and Osmania Biscuit.
5.45 PM: Came Home. Slept.
8 PM: Got Up. Srini called up and we decided to go for a movie. The only feasible option was to go for 'Aparichitadu': telugu version of 'Anniyan' at Manju Theatre(Secundarabad).
8.30 PM: Left home for the movie.
9 PM: Had Grape Juice and entered the theatre.
12.30 AM: Came out. Hey.. I could understand almost 90% of the telugu
movie. We were dead hungry after the movie.
None of tea shops around Secundarabad were open.These godamn Police guys ask these poor teawalas to close the shops at 12 midnight but the fucking Pubs are open till morning. We wanted to have just a Tea and biscuit. But no way.. The only eatery open in Secundarabad was a Pub. And we could see bloody women enterring the Pub at 1 AM. So No Tea, Only Alcohol..But we din' want to go home hungry. So went to Secundarabad Railway Station hoping that some tea-kadai in front of the station will be open. But.... Secundarabd Station which is headquarters of South-Central Railways seems to be haunted place after 12 in night..
I have heard these hyderabadis say the Hyderabad has an colorful Night Life. Only now I understood Night Life is *only* about These damn discos and Pubs. Could not get a single tea-kadai.
Time now was 1.30 am.
1.30 AM: Then Srini got a real good idea. He said lets go to Jubilee Bus Stand (a mofussil bus stand). So then we went to Jubilee Bus Stand. Parked the vehicle, and went inside the bus stand. Haaa.. here we saw the realy night life.. Buses going to all parts of state and hence people all around .. All shops open.
We had a Tea and Srini got me something called 'Dil Pasand'. It seems this is a very famous dish here. That was really good. Esp since we were really hungry and roamed around Secundarabd in search of food.
2 AM : Came back to Srini's home in West Marredpally.
2.30 AM: Slept after watching some "Maa TV' (? !!)
8 AM: Got up. Had tea with Srini.
9 AM: Reached my home and Slept.
11 AM: Went for breakfast.
11.30 AM: Came back home and slept.
2 PM: Got up, went out, had Mango juice. Came back slept.
4.30 PM: Got up, went to a Madhavi deluxe Andhra Mess and had andhra meals.
5 PM: Came home. Slept.
6.30 PM: Got up and took an oath that I wont see the bed for the next 4-5 hours. So, took a good bath. It was drizzling outside.
7PM: Was in a mood to go for a long ride. So, decided to go to the Aiyyappa Temple in Bolarum. It's some 15 KM from my home. Was raining heavily on the way. It was a real fun to drive in the rain, which I have never experienced in Chennai in the last 5-6 years. Went to Temple. It's a real good temple. Kerala Style.
8PM: Left the temple. While returning back, got a Burger parcel from Vac's.
9 PM: Returned Home.
9.30 PM: Had a good drink session (ALONE). 3 Pegs of MC, Chips, and Burger.
11 PM: Slept.

Overall, a dream weekend come true. Sleep, Drink, Eat...
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