Thursday, January 11, 2007

Safe Banking

Earlier in day I subscribed to Amazon S3 using my HDFC Bank Visa credit card. Though S3 is pay-for-what-you-use kind of service, they still do a verification transaction on your credit card. So they charged 1 Rupee from my card. Probably they would revert this transaction after some time.
But my bank got suspicious about this 1 Rupee transaction from Amazon, US and immediately called me up asking if the transaction was actually made by me. When asked they said they generally go for a confirmation from the card holder on certain suspicious internet transactions.

Safe banking guys! Alas one worthy call among those annoying credit card/personal loan marketing calls.
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Amazon S3 Drive

Came across this logical drive for accessing the Amazon S3 storage space. Looks pretty simple.
An S3 bucket could be mapped to a logical drive in your machine providing the access key id and secret access key. And then you would see a new logical drive in your machine which maps to that S3 bucket.
First impression: pretty neat tool

The tool is a free download and availiable at SuchWerk's site.

Started off using Amazon S3 for testing our JAX-WS prototype by accessing Amazon Web Services but ended up at this:-)

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