Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dum-ka-Driving Sense

Of late I have been really fed up with these traffic jams in Hyderabad. But never blame it on the authorities for poor infrastructure. In fact the roads here are pretty descent. The real cause of these traffic snarls is the excellent driving sense of these drivers here.
Be it any kind of driver-2,3,4,6 wheeler-, all think the road is their's and they are driving within there living room.

Sir is a VIP.. Has a separate lane for him. The foot path.

Look the auto there.. I thought he has parked it on the footpath and gone for a biriyani. Oh no.. He is also driving happily on this express lane

And he is the smartest of all... He reached the other end of the footpath and now going under the foot over bridge stairs to bypass the traffic.. He is the true winner.

Also there is absolutely no respect for the pedestrian. Its far easier to illegally cross the India Pakistan border than crossing the road opposite to my office in Lifestyle building at Greenlands:-)
And even on the major roads there are no subways for pedestrians crossing the road. It's only recently that the MCH has started constructing those foot over bridges(after a couple of dirty accidents). But only now I understand why the MCH didn't dare to make subways for pedestrian crossing. Our dum-ka-drivers would also have used it:-)

It's also the cops who are to be blamed for the dum-ka-driving-sense. In fact the incident which made me to write this entry was a clash involving a two wheeler driver a group of patrol cops. This happened right at the greenlands signal(which is just a few yards away from the chief ministers residence). The patrol van spotted a guy showing all bike gimics on the road and 2 cops got down from the van and started shouting at the scooter guy. The scooter guy started shouting back, at a much higher volume and enthu-level than the cops, and with all the vehicles blowing horns from behind, the cops told this guy to leave. Wanted the photograph the scooter guy shouting at the patrol cops but was a bit afraid. I was damn sure the cops wouldn't have done anything, but the motorist would have hit me- hard.. And the cops would have
been just watching..
Probably the cops here are too good to be a cop!

I still remember. When in Madras I once jumped the spencers signal, I was later tracked down near Gemini flyover within 1-2 minutes only to realize that I was caught not only for signal jumping but also for lane breaking. After that I never dare to jump signals, even in Hyderabad:-)
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