Friday, July 06, 2007

A day of bliss

Today I was just thinking of what makes for a day, at the end of which you can say you had bliss, a one-off day.

This is what I could think of and what I have been wanting to have since long.
Wake up in the morning by 6 AM to the hymns of MS Subbulakshmi's Suprabatham. Open the door, to see the Hindu lying on the veranda. Comfortably lift the paper and you should not see any pamphlets falling off from within the paper. (Which is never the case with the Hindu/Times in Hyderabad, or may be off late in Madras also. Recently Hindu gave a half page ad clarifying that it's not them who is doing this manipulation).

An easy chair in the Veranda, sit on it and mom comes with coffee - Not the Bru/Nescafe kind, but the proper filter coffee, with its rich aroma spreading around the veranda. This used to happen when I was in Madras, the only place I have stayed in an independent house.

Filter coffee with Hindu paper - Ah the best combination you can ever think off!
Neha says here, that when it comes to filter coffee I am The Sanjeev Kapoor of it!
An hour passes by reading Hindu.

Have a bath. Visit the nearby temple. Reminds me of the KK Nagar Aiyappa temple:-)

Head off to watch one of those morning shows like the Sun TV Vanakkam Tamilagam/ Asianet/Surya TV.

Next in the line comes up the most important and exciting meal of the day- The Breakfast - called so since you are now breaking the fast you were on since previous night.

For me, an ideal one would be some hot - steaming - soft Idly (Ohh ya the Khushboo idly kinds) with equally good Sambar and coconut chutney. The chutney would taste better to your tongue if its bit wet and hot (not the temperature). A plate of pongal would top up the pleasure. And some sweet - best at this time of the day would be the sweet pongal or Chakkara Pongal as it is called in Tamil.

An hour passes by watching one of those debate shows on TV - Sun TV Arattai Arangam. Next in the line is some mild reading. Spend some time reading the Sunday Magazine/Frontline kinds.

Now comes the lunch time. I would prefer a kerala Palakkad lunch.
Top it up with one of those Sunday special movies on Asianet/Surya. Next comes the sleep time.

The evening would be more fun if the next day is also a holiday, if not as blissful as this. Else the sheer thought of the next day routine makes this evening a dull one:-)

Head off to meet some school/college friends. Drive along to ECR. Used to be our everyday hangout in the last two years of college. Ashok Nagar to ECR , with a 2-3 minutes tea break(glorified way of saying a cig break), every 4-5 km - CIT Nagar, Adyar, Tiruvanmiyur.. Mostly till Mayajal - Oh not to watch a cool movie, but only to the tea kadai opposite it and to the un-attended beach alongside.

Way back home visit one of those Udupi hotels for the pre dinner intake. Set Dosa would fine at this time. Back home, have a light dinner, sleep.

This would be bliss! A bland way of so.. A one-off day.

Postscript: The activities and ingredients that make up bliss for the author need not be same for the reader. Remember, the author is still single and has given up looking.(the tragic end of the single and looking phase)
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charuthi said...

Hello buddy nice post.I was in chennai few months back. I hardly find idly sambar & sambar rice in hyd.I miss some of the commonly used tamil words like kalakare, adappavi,taliva,..

The journey on ECR road everyone in life should experience that.

Keep posting.