Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Saturday and Sunday

After a very long time, I had a fulfilling weekend at Hyderabad. Yesterday went for a movie with Neha and Samarjit. Though I felt the Govinda movie a bit boring, the constant Neha-Laughter on every scene, made me feel that I am a highly humorless guy and hence I have no right to say that the movie was boring.
Another usual incident that happened in the cinema hall was about an unknown couple sitting next to me. Till interval, the girl was sitting besides me. Post interval, the guy (her husband/boyfriend/fiance/whatever), swapped seats. Fearing his sweethearts security, he sat next to me. Though even after swapping, there was a strong man sitting next to her(on the other side). Which means that guy thinks I am more a threat than the strong guy on the other side.

The best part of the evening was the dinner after the movie.

We went out to dine at
Basera. After a very long time, after those college days, I saw someone doing justice to the unlimited Buffet system. The foodie in Samarjit was in full form(which according to him, is nothing compared to his old times). And I am really happy as long as the person with me goes on doing justice to food, so that I can do some justice to the Alcohol.
Ohh don't think I am a drunkard. Yesterday It was only cold drinks (Beer has fallen into that category ever since Egg became a veggie).

All this was at the Ohri's restaurant at Basera. For the dessert (another beer) we went to the Pub at basera. There we were witness to come cool dudes and dudis, who were drinking and dancing, with no sense of what is happening around them. Probably, they were
chilling out. Or probably we are so crude dudes, that we can never do that, even If we really want to. Anyways, watching them was fun. We came to know what all we can never do.

So obviously today morning starts at noon. Evening went on a long drive with Ramesh along Shamirpet lake. Ramesh is one such nice person who is ready to join whenever you invite him. Way back did something which I have never done before. We stoppped-by at a soft toy stall. Probably the soft boy in me aroused today. Got a 2 and a 1/2 feet white feathery teddy bear, which, considering my height, looks really big when I see it. Now the question: Why should a crude-uncool dude ( the closest antonym of cool dude) like me, buy a teddy bear? Ohh no idea. Still thinking on it.

Anyways the weekend was really memorable one.

Postscript: Reader might think how boring this author is, who thinks and writes about people having fun/chilling out at pub as a very unusual act. Also reader might think why cant this guy gift the teddy. Remember, the author is still single and has given up looking.(the tragic end of the single and looking phase).
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Neha Khaitan said...

nice post man!! :) that teddy bear thing suits u.. u might think u are grown up for that but u are not !! :)

deepak.a said...

I think you have done a right thing getting a teddy bear, atleast that would give you nice company in your desperate/forced loneliness. You can get some tips on living with teddys from Mr. Bean.

Anonymous said...

Ya as Vishwas says now I should change my postscript from "Single and given up looking" to "Single and given up looking hence started a live-in relationship with a Teddy Bear"

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