Monday, October 15, 2007

The same old portals to Web 2.0

Today morning, I happened to run into classifieds for some home search. Sulekha and Rediff have always been my favorite web portals ever since I started using the internet.
Firstly, they were offering localized content long before Yahoo! India or MSN India. Second, the Web 2.0 storm hasn't taken much toll on them. I have always been a great fan of Rediff. Whenever I want to see any news on the web, rediff would be the first site to be opened. Recently I was amazed to see a friend still using Rediffmail as his primary e-mail account. Dont know if they are still lightening fast!

But today while looking at an advertisement on Sulekha classifieds I saw something really interesting. I was looking for a apartment for rent. So I quickly applied the filter for my specs like area, locality, budget etc. And then it displayed a list of suitable advertisements. Besides the advertisement I could see a phone symbol and below it was written "Sulekha Classifieds can call your phone now and connect you to this advertiser for free". And then there was a text box for entering my phone number. I just entered my number and the system gave me a call within 30 seconds and connected me to the advertiser. I was amazed:-)

Now I saw the real Web 2.0 and look up at it:-)
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