Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My friends made me realize my capacity and stability

This is a follow up of a post written by my friend here.
My first take on karma (as Dude puts it) when I woke up today was "What do I do for the keys now? Let me go to the temple and I will get the keys back." Saying this to myself I get ready and put on the jeans and hear something chime in the pockets.
"Eureka! God, you appeared even before I came to you! My keys are here in the pockets!"
Saying this (again to myself), I jumped to announce to my friend that I have found the keys. And that they were in my jeans pockets. This again made my friend to have an edge over me by saying "You get really bad after you are drunk. You searched for the keys so many times in your pocket and still did not find it. You were not in your senses". So the friend, who was part of the privileged three, and who generally cannot control her laughter and never during these kinds of plots was still able to manage the situation very well by again putting the blame on me.
Thinking on, even I was a bit shattered as I am that kind of person who often boasts about his capacity and stability, more so after a couple of pegs.

Today morning when I come to office a friend who was not part of the privileged three - but who knows me so well, that the moment he read this post on the web, he pinged me and asked - "Dude, Is this you?". He has accompanied me several times on those key finding expeditions.

Reading the post, I was happy. They found the keys at exactly the same place where I remember seeing it last (I mentioned the place last night only.. not now). So after a brief period of being down, once again I am proud of my capacity and stability. Cheers!
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