Saturday, September 27, 2008


I recently moved to Pune and now I am living with my family. The last 3-4 years were one of most memorable times - in Hyderabad. I made quite a few good friends, learnt a lot at work and had a good time.

But with this relocation I have also realized you miss out a lot when you move away from your friends. No matter what the advancement in communication technologies - mobile phones and internet - you still miss out on something basic. There is nothing like sitting besides your friend sipping coffee- engrossed in one of those endless conversations.
When you are with friends, all through the day at work and at home you tend be more happy, the lighter moments, the good and bad times shared, and the fun! I somehow feel the same cannot be compensated by talking to a friend who is in a different city on a mobile phone. All of a sudden you miss those good times, the late night conversations at the veranda, the weekend mega plans, the midnight dinner at Ohri's, and of course the Biriyani. Distances do matter!

I realize you miss out on a lot of things when you leave a city, friends and work. More so when when you come back to live with your parents, where there is always a generation gap and the resulting conflicting opinions. Only now I realize there were so many changes in my lifestyle in the past few years, which might not have happened had I been staying with my parents. But in my view, they were good, and I enjoyed it! At the end happiness matters. And now I find it difficult to live the other way!
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