Friday, March 27, 2009

Lightning Talks

This post is a sequel to one of my old posts "The anatomy of a Cool Dude"
It's been more than a couple of years since my first visit to Subway, described in that entry. And this is what happened today.
I am in Amsterdam for a week. Today I ran into a Subway at Dam Square. I got in and said "Hello" to the person at the counter. Then I asked him "Sir, Do you have any vegetarian options?"
He replied back "Bhai-Saab Hindi mein poocho na".
I was stunned for a minute.
He then says "Aapko ekdum acha Veg sandwich banake deta hoon mein. Isme aapko tamatar, shimla mirchi, pyaz, aur yeh lettuce milega. :-)
I say "Hahahaha. Isko apne vahan Veggie Delight bolte hain."

Then he asked "Saath mein cold drink chahiye?"
I said "Apne wahan Make-it-a-meal? poochte hain"

Towards the end of the Sub process, he asked "Bhaiyan, Mirchi Daloon?"
I said "Haan haan. By the way isko apne wahan jalapeno bolte hain".

Two years and I again remembered "Which bread", "Make it a meal" and "Which sauce" at the local Subway. :-D
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